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Oxall, quality oxidation

for everyone

The aluminum, precious good to be treated and valued.
Industrial-scale processes of aluminum for large companies,
for mechanical workshops and individuals.

Available to everyone

The benefits of Oxall’s innovative processes, landmark in the South of Italy.
The expertise and experience on an industrial scale, now available to everyone.

Why aluminium?

Lightweight, durable, mouldable, versatile, non-toxic, recyclable and corrosion resistant. The properties of aluminium make it extraordinary for the variety of its use and performance effectiveness.

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Why anodic oxidation?

Because it makes aluminium more resistant (to the environment and external agents), more durable (aging time) and it looks better thanks to the possibility of colouring it.

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Why Oxall?

Because, opening up to new markets, we want to make our experience and knowledge on an industrial scale in the field of aluminium treatment available to everyone.

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Aluminium profiles

Care on surfaces to make them perfect, more resistant, aesthetically fine, durable through treatments and perfect finishes that guarantee efficiency and aesthetics.

Small metal components

Aluminium, the element that can help you selling more and better. We are by your side, with finishes and processes that could make your product more solid and beautiful.

Laminates and metal sheets

Totally customized supplies in sizes, shapes and details.
Consultancy service to find the most suitable product for you and your needs.

How can we help you?

Consultancy, quality and information. We love to be totally by our customers’ side. Find out our works, our processes and online services.

What can we work on?

Aluminium is characterized by its variety of use in many different fields. In many of these, oxidation is a fundamental requirement, a process that defends, cares and enhances your products.

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Oxall was born to offer high-quality industrial processes even to the companies, mechanical workshops and individuals who need to work on small products. Ready to answer to your questions.

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Customers we have worked for

Even though Oxall was born in 2017, it is based on a ten-year experience in the aluminium business.
Dozens of companies in Italy and Europe have already trusted us, embracing our ideas of innovation and quality, allowing us to develop further experience in selling metal sheets, profile treatment, products and elements of different markets.


Mr Leone Sonnante
Phone: +39 320 699 4971

Mr Stefano Pedote
Mobile: +39 329 685 8302
Phone: +39 080 207 4964

Mr Saverio Manghisi
Mobile: +39 329 746 9866
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