Why aluminium?

Young, produced on an industrial scale for the first time just two centuries ago.

Lightweight, durable, moldable, versatile, aesthetically clean, hygienic, non-toxic, recyclable and resistant to corrosion.

It is aluminium, our precious good to preserve and re-evaluate.

The specific properties make aluminium a product to be preserved, treated, defended and enhanced.

It should be used and should be done in many situations for the combination of “beneficial” properties, we must take care of it to make it durable and make the most of its performance.

A wide applications range, as many advantages of its use. A correct anodAic oxidation process makes it perfect for an infinite variety of situations.


It has a specific weight of 2.71 g / cm³, 1/3 of that of steel.


Its chemical-physical characteristics make it suitable for thousands of uses.


Protected by anodic oxidation, it lasts for tens of years.


It can be worked easily thanks to its malleability.


Subjected to anodization, it becomes immune to corrosion.


At the end of its life cycle, aluminium is easily recyclable.

It is a light and at the same time resistant metal that guarantees durability over time, and efficiency against atmospheric corrosion and impenetrability.

An “easy-working” metal, mouldable and therefore adaptable to any kind of use. Thanks to its versatility, it is used everywhere, also because it is a clean and aesthetically performing material. It is possible to treat it with many coatings, it can be subjected to surface treatments, more than any other metal.

It is a recyclable metal and is recycled in ever increasing quantities. The strength and durability of aluminium allow a long product life and require minimal maintenance. It is not toxic and for this reason it is appreciated in many uses, also for food.

Above all resistant to environmental corrosion caused by air and water, wind, weather and it’s the perfect material for the construction of doors, windows and facades.
L'alluminio e i vantaggi del suo utilizzo - Oxall Ossidazione di qualità - www.oxall.net

Also it is a “value” that should be protected and enhanced thanks to specific processes such as anodic oxidation which gives the aluminium durable, resistant and smooth finishes, in different colours, adapting easily to the different requests and needs.